This engine is for the serious collector who wants to own "The Best of the Best". You can take great pride knowing that there will never be any other made. After the news of the fire at the foundry there was not enough money, time, or interest to continue with the project. The "Masters" remain, from which new molds could be made. About 80% of the molds were destroyed. The head, core for exhaust and intake runners in the head, water pump, exhaust manifolds, core for exhaust manifolds, and crankshaft remain. There are also numerous parts, plus extensive jigs, fixtures, and CNC. programs

The cost for this engine and the exclusive "Bragging Rights" that come with it is $250K. At first this may seem like a large sum, but when you consider that it took over four and one half years and untold hours to produce, it really is a bargain! This would also make it one of the worlds most expensive pencil sharpeners. You can rest assured that you will never see another one. The engine runs on Propane and can be operated indoors. It maintains 50 lbs of or pressure and has a replaceable "screw on" oil filter.  I will personally deliver, anywhere within the Continental United States. Please, serious inquiries only!  Call 1-630-858-3160 or email